How to make money with your Tv station

This is a question that runs on most peoples mind. At first, you need to know your targeted clients. Which are churches, DJs, Artists, Presenters. 




  1. Churches: there are many churches around you, that will like to have a global congregation. You can tell the pastor that you will be streaming their sunday service live for free for a month.

Note that within this time, you must be punctual, based on their service time and you have to connect their mixer line out to your laptop line in. and use a video grabber device to grab the video from their camera to your installed encoder such as OBS, WIRECAST, VMIX e.t.c  to stream live to your TV station.

Note that, the pastor will order his congregation to download your app of which, that will be a plus to you to gain more viewers.

After the service, you will have to send a complete viewers report to the pastor so that he can know the number of people and which country they are from  that connected to his live service.

If they are used to your service, definitely they won’t want you to stop.

Apart from churches, there are those that want to stream their events live like wedding party e.t.c


 You can run jingle adverts for those that want to showcase their businesses in your station. like i said earlier, you can start with free services to gain viewership that is, those using your platform, will ask their friends and loved ones to download your app or visit your website in order to watch their adverts. after some time of free services, you can start billing them very little money till you have come to a certain height of stability.


You can help some up coming artist to be playing their songs or skits in your TV. you will be using these to be accumulating viewers and if your contents are unique, they will like to always watch your tv station.


Pastors, Artists: Comedians, and MCs will like to feature in your TV station of which they will want a time slot in your station. Same goes to Presenters.

  Note that your TV station is 24 hours ON AIR. no down time. You will need to know your peak period based on the generated weekly and monthly analytics. Before you start selling time slot, you have to render free services for a start so that they will know what they are paying for is worth it.



You can subscribe to google admob or adsense. So that, when viewers use your app or your website to watch your TV, google will present some ads to them of which, google will be paying you per click. Or per impression


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